Pee Standing Up

Peeing in the woods is just naturally easier for men: no squatting or wiping required. That is unless you use a device that allows you to pee standing up! There are many different products available, but only two basic designs: variations on a funnel, and the pStyle. Some women seem happy to squat and wipe, but I strongly recommend purchasing a peeing device. 


Of the six above, I love and recommend the pStyle. It’s quick, clean, and easy.


Benefits of the pStyle

  • allows you to pee standing up without removing your backpack
  • can be used for wiping
  • can be used with one hand
  • can shake it to dry
  • comfortable and discrete 
  • solid, flexible, water repellent, recyclable #2 plastic with smooth, rounded edges
  • weighs 0.6oz
  • slender and compact compared to funnel designs
  • since it is not a funnel, it does not backup
  • you don’t have to carry, pack out or bury extra toilet paper
  • less waste left behind in the environment

Some women may question whether re-using the device is hygienic. I found that as long as you give it a good shake after use, rinse the device often, and are meticulous about proper placement during use, the pStyle and I stayed clean and dry. If you are uncomfortable putting it away with just a shake, you can easily rinse it with a few drops of water from your water bottle.


Here are a few tips for using the pStyle:

  • don’t pee into the wind
  • read the instructions
  • practice before you get on trail
  • save the bag it comes in and reinforce the sides of the bag with clear packing tape
  • give it a good shake after use to make sure it’s dry
  • clean the device and bag as often as you can
  • store it on the outside of your pack in an easily accessible place (side pocket or attached with a mini-carabiner)
  • consider buying the case for it if you can spare the weight
  • Answers to FAQs about the pStyle can be found here.