Videos About the PCT

(In no particular order.)

Living...Step by Step

Keith ("Spreadsheet") and Gina ("Mulch") share their 2016 in this video with great music from Josh Woodward.

The Pacific Crest Trail

Lian (Cookie Monster) and Andre (Morning Star) set their 2015 thru-hike to epic movie soundtracks.

PCT Thru-Hike

Dylan "Right On" Ivens shares his 2014 thru-hike in this video with a soundtrack by hiker-favorite Lord Huron. His daily journals can be read here.

Only the Essential

Casey Gannon and Colin Arisman share their 2013 thru-hike in this award-winning video.

As It Happens

Best friends Andy and Ian thru-hike in 2011, a record snow year that bloomed the desert but made the Sierras a slog.

Campo to BC

Two parents take their 10-year-old daughter on a PCT thru-hike.

Chasing the Hike

A chance encounter with a thru-hiker hitching into town inspired this storm chaser to thru-hike.

Let's Go To There

From Michael Darrell comes this no-frills, no-narration video. 

Time Lapse Videos